Everyone I Know Is Falling Apart (Signed)

Everyone I Know Is Falling Apart Vinyl (Signed)


Southend-on-Sea based Dark Globes are set to release their debut album Everyone I Know Is Falling Apart, on Monday …DATE… 2017, via Half Machine Records

Dark Globes came together at the Railway Hotel, the Victorian boozer at the heart of Southend’s creative life, evolving around main songwriters Tom Burgess and Leighton Jennings. Dark Globes played their first show at the Leigh Folk Festival, playing as a 3 piece, without any prior rehearsals. They quickly picked up a third guitarist – Richard Onslow, who runs Southend’s South record shop, bassist Andrew Moore (known for his prolific output as The Tumbledryer Babies) and drummer Chris Richardson (who also makes lo-fi pop as Happy Hooves). One rehea...

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